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Lectratek Offers Products and Services to Resolve Your Electric Aviation Challenges

Your aircraft is unique, which requires individual attention and thoughtful solutions. At Lectratek, we can apply both off-the-shelf products and custom design solutions to address your unique challenges.

COTS Products

Customized off-the-shelf solutions help to minimize cost and time to alleviate your pain points.

Custom Products

Fully customized solutions are designed from start to finish to address the precise needs.

Professional Services

From consulting to engineering and integration support, contact Lectratek to see how we can assess where you are and how to move forward.

Electric ducted fan

Quiet Electric
Ducted Fans

Ready to elevate your electric aircraft’s propulsion system with a quiet and efficient solution? Lectratek’s ultra-quiet electric ducted fans (EDFs) have been designed and tested with the latest technologies and design tools, making them ideal for a wide variety of electric aircraft types.

Our EDFs range in size from 3.5″ (2.5kW) to 14″ (50kW), with thrusts ranging from 8 pounds to 150 pounds, depending on the performance parameters they are optimized for. And with scalability up to 35″, Lectratek’s EDFs can meet the needs of any project.

One of the standout features of our EDFs is their unparalleled acoustics. Unlike other fans that rely on compensation or mitigation for quiet performance, our EDFs are designed to be ultra-quiet from the ground up.

Let us help you with a tailored EDF solution for your propulsion needs.

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Quietly Effective

Lectratek quiet, electric ducted fans (EDFs) produce far less noise than propellers

Safe to Spin

Improved safety when compared with open rotors, eliminating tip strikes beyond the fan case

Integrate Your Way

Integrate our fans into fixed wing, STOL, and VTOL aircraft with pylons or embedded in ducts

COTS or Custom

Choose from existing products, or ask about a custom solution for your application

Motor controller

Powertrain Electronics

Lectratek offers a range of reliable and efficient power electronics solutions specifically designed for eAviation applications.

Motor Controllers

Our motor controllers are designed to work with various configurations such as open rotor, ducted fan, and other types of electric aircraft. With high-power density SiC converter and advanced features like Digital Twin with fault classification and predictive maintenance algorithms, our motor controllers deliver superior performance and efficiency.


We offer high power density motors that come in a compact package, making them an ideal choice for electric aircraft applications.

Electrical Load Management System

Features solid state circuit breakers with greater power density, efficiency, safety, and reliability than conventional electromechanical breakers. Our Electrical Load Management System also provides automated load shedding, programmable trip settings, remote monitoring, and fault data logging for troubleshooting.

file download iconDownload PDF – Sylent Flight™ Motor Controllers

Quiet electric propulsor

Powertrain Design, Integration, and Consulting Services

Lectratek can help with your powertrain design and integration, as well as custom battery cell technology, performance optimization, propulsion, system integration, trade space analysis, general troubleshooting, and more.

Through our unique partnership with our sister company Cornerstone Research Group, we are able to provide access to top researchers and experts in the aerospace and defense industry. Since 1997, CRG has been a go-to for the federal government and military.

Contact us to talk about your specific challenges. We can provide an estimate to help your project soar to new heights.

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Li-metal cell

Energy Storage and Enclosures

Lectratek can develop the right combination of safe and durable energy, power, and enclosures for your needs.

Custom Battery Cells

Lectratek offers advanced battery solutions for electric aviation, including custom battery cell chemistry, all made in the USA using dedicated equipment. We work closely with airframers and battery module suppliers to ensure the best implementation of our technology.

Our safe and high-energy cells have been tested to withstand extreme conditions, including being struck by ballistic rounds without thermal runaway or flame.

Custom battery cells range in energy density from 250–400 Wh/kg, and up to 20 C with the capability to operate at temperatures as low as -55ºC.

Explore some of our lithium metal battery cells:

file download iconDownload PDF – Li-Metal Cells – High Energy (260 Wh/kg)

file download iconDownload PDF – Li-Metal Cells – High Energy (325 Wh/kg)

file download iconDownload PDF – Li-Metal Cells – Safe, High Power (230 Wh/kg)

Fireproof Enclosures

Lectratek offers a range of lightweight and fireproof battery enclosures to help you reduce weight and improve thermal management in your electric aircraft. Our proprietary high-temperature MG resin technology is available in multiple product formats, including syntactic foam insulation, high-temperature composites, and high-temperature elastomer.

Our syntactic foam insulation is a lightweight fire barrier that has been tested and demonstrated in Navy S9310 battery safety tests. We also offer fire-resistant composite panels and enclosures made with high-temperature composites, as well as flexible and fire-resistant seals and gaskets made with high-temperature elastomer.

Whether you need to build, line, or seal your battery enclosure, our battery enclosures can help you meet your thermal management and safety needs.

Fireproof enclosure

Safe and Durable Battery Solutions

Safety is our top priority. We have partnered with CRG to provide custom battery cells that can withstand intense pressure and damage without thermal runaway. Combined with our MG enclosures, these components will be your first choice in powering your electric aircraft.

Cells showed ~10% deformation from crush, but it had no effect on cell performance.

At Lectratek, we also perform in-house cell/pack performance, environmental, and safety testing using advanced testers, load banks, and environmental chambers. Trust us to deliver safe and intelligent battery cells for your electric aviation needs. 

Crush test

Why Choose Lectratek?


Our team of experts are highly skilled in each of their respective fields of expertise. Your component will be customized to your exact specifications.

Quality Control

Leveraging our partner’s nearly three decades of experience, our team knows what to expect and where to look for the likely problems, before we even sent it out.


If something goes wrong with your existing components, we want to hear about it! Our experts can review your pain points and help you move forward with improved performance.