Welcome to Lectratek

Addressing one of the most challenging and cost-intensive parts of aircraft development, Lectratek’s mission is to help electric aircraft integrators accelerate time to market and mitigate development and certification risk through the supply of certified electric power and propulsion solutions.  Lectratek’s products range from electric power and propulsion components and sub-systems through a fully-integrated power and propulsion stack, tailored to your platform requirements.

Additionally, Lectratek’s unique partnership with its sister company, CRG, provides the opportunity for composite airframe design and manufacturing support, leveraging novel composite processing solutions that balance performance, cost and throughput.

Electric aircraft developers are offered the opportunity to leverage more than $25 million of investment from NASA and the Department of Defense to accelerate their power and propulsion system development. Developing and integrating aircraft is a high-risk business.  Let Lectratek help mitigate that risk for your power and propulsion subsystems!

Current Product Portfolio:

Coming Soon:

  • Non-flammable, high-energy battery cells
  • Safe, lightweight, high-energy battery modules
  • Power dense distribution, conversion and control electronics
  • Electrical load management systems and power electronics
  • SiC motor controller with predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring products and services
  • Integrated electric/hybrid-electric power systems

Services Include:

  • Engineering design/product development (electrical, mechanical, aerodynamics, structural, composites)
  • Custom system development
  • System integration
  • Manufacturing process development
  • Manufacturing with AS9100D Quality Management System (through CRG’s Advanced Manufacturing Center)
  • Supplier management and extensive partnership network
  • Sustainment and support