Decades of Experience

Lectratek was created to meet the needs of the rapidly growing eAviation market, providing state-of-the-art power and propulsion solutions that optimize weight, extend range and payload capacity, simplify complexity, and improve societal integration.

Each member of our team, along with our closely affiliated sister companies, has been carefully chosen for their proficiency, extensive industry experience, and outstanding capabilities.


Our team of experts specializes in solving complex science and engineering problems to create highly effective technology in high-profile fields such as aerospace systems and advanced materials and manufacturing. We work harder to help you soar.


Previously reserved solely for U.S. Government customers, our consultants provide advanced expert guidance in aerospace systems, AI optimization, power and energy, and advanced materials and manufacturing to our commercial partners.

Real Humans

You will not get lost in a never-ending phone menu. See how Lectratek can help you achieve more via troubleshooting, powertrain components, system integration, trade space analysis, or other needs specific to your aircraft.

Leading the Charge in Electric Aviation Innovation

At Lectratek, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of electric aviation and addressing the unique challenges within the industry. We specialize in cutting-edge power and propulsion solutions that optimize weight, increase range and payload capacity, streamline complexity, and foster societal integration.

We’re proud to leverage the expertise and intellectual property of our aerospace and defense affiliate, Cornerstone Research Group (CRG), to offer advanced technologies in quiet propulsion and other crucial eAviation components.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include advanced capabilities in battery cell production, including lithium metal, ducted fan production and testing facilities, and cutting-edge composite manufacturing methods such as RTM, OOA, autoclave, and precise drill and trim operations. Additionally, we provide comprehensive electronics integration and testing services to ensure seamless performance across our product lines.

Not sure what you need? Through our unique partnership with CRG, we also offer advanced aerospace and defense engineering consultancy, which can help with custom battery cell technology, performance optimization, powertrain, propulsion, system integration, trade space analysis, general troubleshooting, and more. 

With our focus on innovation, excellence, and sustainability, Lectratek is committed to driving the electric aviation industry forward.