Quiet Electric Ducted Fans

Ready to elevate your electric aircraft’s propulsion system with a quiet and efficient solution? Lectratek’s ultra-quiet electric ducted fans (EDFs) have been designed and tested with the latest technologies and design tools, making them ideal for a wide variety of electric aircraft types.

Our EDFs range in size from 3.5″ (2.5kW) to 14″ (50kw), with thrusts ranging from 8 pounds to 150 pounds, depending on the performance parameters they are optimized for. And with scalability up to 35″, Lectratek’s EDFs can meet the needs of any project.

One of the standout features of our EDFs is their unparalleled acoustics. Unlike other fans that rely on compensation or mitigation for quiet performance, our EDFs are designed to be ultra-quiet from the ground up. The figure below demonstrates the relative acoustic performance of our EDFs across a wide range of vehicle velocities.

Trust Lectratek to provide the highest quality, most efficient electric ducted fans on the market. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your electric aircraft to new heights.

Quietly Effective
Lectratek quiet, electric ducted fans (EDFs) produce far less noise than propellers
Safe to Spin
Improved safety when compared with open rotors, eliminating tip strikes beyond the fan case
Integrate Your Way
Integrate our fans into fixed wing, STOL, and VTOL aircraft with pylons or embedded in ducts
COTS or Custom
Choose from existing products, or ask about a custom solution for your application

Our EDFs have been built and tested at various sizes from 3.5” (2.5kW) to 14” (50kw).  Thrusts within those size ranges have run from 8 pounds to 150 pounds, and will depend on what performance parameters the fan designs are optimized for. Lectratek’s ultra-quiet ducted fans are scalable up to 35”.

While our EDFs are very efficient, with consistent performance across a wide range of vehicle velocities, they are most notable for their acoustics. Lectratek’s EDFs do not use compensation or mitigation to achieve quiet performance – the quiet performance is designed in. The figure below gives an idea of the relative acoustic performance of these ultra-quiet ducted fans.